Various Do’s and Don’ts After You Extract Your Tooth


The extraction of tooth can create plenty of complications if it is not handled in proper manner. These days a painless method of tooth extraction is employed where there are no post operative complications observed. However, there are certain precautions that the patients need to observe after the extraction of the tooth. Nowadays, the patients are given written instruction much before the tooth instruction, that they need to follow.

You may visit the website for any kind of dental procedure or tooth extraction. Following are few Do’s and Don’ts that one need to follow after tooth extraction.


  • You must take at least 24 hours of rest after your tooth extraction and not engage in any kind of activity even if you feel quite normal. If you are sleeping then keep your head slightly up with the help of pillow.
  • There will be little blood clot in the area where tooth has been extracted. You will be provided with a gauze which you must keep pressed on the position of teeth and keep it at least for an hour. You must keep your teeth pressed so that the gauze may not move out of its place. You may change the gauze with a new one after every half an hour. Continue it till your bleeding completely stops. If the bleeding continues for longer then place a wet tea bag in that place.
  • You can place ice packs on the face where tooth has been extracted or the surgery has been done. This will reduce the swelling that generally happens after tooth extraction. Swelling may remain for two to three days and will gradually disappear.


  • If you are a smoker then avoid smoking for at least 48 hours as chemicals in the smoke will harm.
  • Avoid taking solid food on the day and remain in liquid diet. Before starting solid foods, you must take semi solid food for a day.
  • Don’t rinse your mouth with cold water but use warm saline water.
  • Don’t skip any medicine that has been prescribed by your doctor. Pain killers will help you to reduce your pain.
  • Don’t take aspirin as it can prevent healing
  • Avoid taking any hard food or vegetables
  • Avoid poking your tongue in the gap that is created due to missing teeth. For initial days you may feel little awkward but you will slowly get used to it.
  • Don’t use any tooth pick as it can cause bleeding.